9 Best FMCG Sales KPIs to improve Performance

If you are working in the FMCG industry and wondering about how to improve your performance, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to take you through key performance indicators for consumer goods that will help you to understand your performance level. This article will be useful for students, working professionals, and anyone who has an interest in FMCG General Trade.

So, are you excited to know about KPIs for FMCG industry?  I presume it as a Yes.

List of Key Performance Indicators of FMCG Industry:

1. Sales Call

Salesman on a Sales Call

When a salesperson visits an outlet and has an interaction with the shop owner. The number of sales call made by a salesperson directly shows us the number of attempts made by the salesperson to make sales. It shows us how much hard work is the salesperson willing to put in his work.

2. Productive Call

Salesman converting a Call

The sales call in which the salesperson gets order for the products from the shop owner. The number of productive calls made by a salesperson shows us the efficiency of the salesperson. One must aim to convert maximum sales call into productive call as this is the most important parameter for growth of any salesperson in the organization.

3. New Call

Salesman visiting a new outlet

The sales call in which the salesperson visits a new outlet and has an interaction with the shop owner. Making new calls in good numbers is essential as we might miss out on potential business if we fail to reach out to a retailer who is in need of our products. New Calls help us in adding more outlets in our universe of outlets and this eventually helps us in reaching out to more consumers.

4. Unique Total Call

Different outlets visited by Salesman

The number of unique outlets visited by the salesperson during the billing cycle. Visiting different outlets during the billing cycle is essential as we want to make sure that we cover maximum number of outlets in a given market or territory.

5. Unique Productive Call

Different Outlets converted by Salesman

The number of unique outlets which have given orders for the product to the salesperson during the billing cycle. Getting orders from many different outlets is important as we want to make sure that for our business, we are not dependent on only few outlets.

6. Line Sold Per Call

5 Lines Sold

The average number of SKUs sold in each outlet by a salesperson during the billing cycle. Increasing the lines sold per call will lead to Range Selling which is one of the key techniques to sell more. The more the lines sold, the more visibility we can get in the retailer’s shelf. 

7. Productivity 

Productivity Level of Salesman

It is the percentage of all successful sales calls out of total calls made by a salesperson during the billing cycle. It shows us how well the salesperson is at converting his sales call into productive calls. Productivity can be termed as the strike rate of the salesperson. And we believe, every one of you have the potential to improve your strike rate. 

8. Effective Coverage

It means how many outlets out of total outlets of a market or territory are placing at least one sales order during the billing cycle. The more outlets we get into our billed outlets category, the more coverage we achieve. With more coverage, both the reach as well as the awareness of the brand increases. 

9. Total Secondary Sales

Total Secondary Sales Generated

It is the total amount of orders received by the salesperson from the shop owners during the billing cycle. Based on total secondary sales made, the salesperson gets his incentives during the billing cycle.


So that brings us to the end of the article in which we talked about key sales metrics in the FMCG industry and how can we use them to improve our performance. I hope that you could now get a better picture of performance parameters in fmcg companies after reading this article. And do let me know in the comment, if any of these KPIs were used for analyzing your sales team performance or if any other KPIs were used for the same.

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